Tobacco Substitutes Available in India & Why You Should Make the Switch Now!

Tobacco Substitutes Available in India & Why You Should Make the Switch Now!

Panda Rolling brings you the best herbal tobacco substitutes mix, which you must try to make the right start at the right time!

It is a Thursday morning, you have just woken up, and let us guess, craving for a cigarette with your morning tea or coffee, isn’t that all in your mind? Smoking Tobacco results in an actual physical addiction that can be extremely tough to get rid of. 

If you are struggling to quit smoking or love cannabis but rolling with tobacco is not your thing or just want to switch to a better smoking substitute, you are at the right place as Panda Rolling brings you the best herbal tobacco substitutes mix, which you must try to make the right start at the right time!

  • Smoksh Herbal Smoking Blend

One of the most trusted Tobacco substitute brands, SMOKSH Herbal Smoking Blends enriches, nourishes, and helps you quit smoking at the very first inhale. Crafted with 100% Herbs and Flowers and made in small batches with positivity & relaxation in mind, these blends serve their purpose to the best. Available in 6 variants - Evoke, Elevate, Synchronize, Calm, Lunar, and Muse be sure to get spoiled with choices.

smoksh herbal smoking tobacco blends panda rolling


Smoksh Elevate This Tobacco substitute mix has a sweet earthy taste with peppery notes. Sage & Nettle boost energy and are rich in vitamins & minerals; Lavender gives its flavor a sweet floral hint. Contains Mullein, Sage, Mugwort, Nettle, Lavender.

Smoksh Calm - More of an evening blend with a soothing warm taste with a floral taste. Smoksh Calm is ideal for when you have had a pretty hectic day and want to unwind with yourself. Nettle supports detoxing, alleviates pain & is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Contains Mullein, Damiana, Chamomile, Nettle, and Lavender.

Smoksh Synchronize A great choice if you are looking for a meditation sesh. For when you just want to release some stress & be at peace. Damiana & Mugwort are known to work as tonics for the nervous system & help alleviate pain. This Substitute mix has a minty finish. Contains Mullein, Mugwort, Damiana, Rose-Hip & Mint.

Smoksh Evoke - Great for that morning boost, has a soothing citrusy flavor. Rose-hips are a great source of vitamin C. Marigold is known to be anti-inflammatory & its smooth taste promotes a good mood. Contains Mullein, Nettle, Chamomile, Rose-Hip, and Marigold. 

Smoksh Muse - An uplifting blend designed to inspire creativity & strengthen intuition. The herbs used in this blend are rich in anti-inflammatory healing properties that promote brain health and improve mood. When smoked, it has an earthy aroma with an herbaceous scent and makes a beautiful “RED” colored sweet, sour tea with floral notes. Contains Mullein, Sage, Hibiscus, Rose & Marigold.

Smoksh Lunar - Created to work with the moon’s energy, inspire love, psychic powers & creativity. The herbs used in this blend are high in phytonutrients, Vitamins A, and B and are known to help alleviate stress, promote relaxation, & aid in detoxing the body. It has a floral & earthy aroma with a rosy finish when smoked and makes mildly sweet & fruity flavored blue-colored tea. Yes, it’s  “BLUE” colored! Contains Mullein, Raspberry, Blue Pea flower, Rose & Lavender.

smoksh muse herbal smoking tobacco blend panda rolling

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2. Tiger Terps Herbal Tobacco Substitute

Say Hello to a nicotine free life with this Bomb tobacco substitute blend which is made with marshmallows leaves, licorice, and organic herbs with an unique terpene formula that adds the perfect amount of aroma & flavor. This blend is a smooth, easy-to-crush mix making it ideal for losing dependency on tobacco. It comes in an Original Blend & Zesty Lemon Mint flavor, shop the lemon-mint flavor here. The mint helps provide a slightly sweetish taste to the blend and ensures a fresh and smooth experience. Our tip, use it as a tobacco substitute for your joints and discover a lemony taste with every inhale.


 tiger terps lemon mint smoking herbal blend panda rolling

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3. Enso Rush Botanical Blends

If you are on the edge of starting with your first tobacco substitute mix, we would hands down recommend this amazing blend of herbs and flowers which is crafted with medicinal herbs like Tulsi, Sage, and Rose.  Easy to roll and crush with, Enso ensures you enjoy its flavor to the very last puff and leaves you way more refreshed and balanced unlike the after-taste and impact of tobacco, A great choice to mix with your Joints, and the pristine scent would cover all your smelly secrets! 

Available in two variants shop these mystic substitute mixes here: Super Haze & Purple Mist.

enso rush purple mist botanical smoking blends panda rolling

4. Chimp X Herbal Smoking Blend

Welcome to the world of a natural and tobacco free life with Chimp’s Herbal Smoking Tobacco Substitute mixes, naturally selected and mindfully blended divine herbs that will open new doors to a clean and nicotine free lifestyle. Made with LemonGrass, Rose Petals, Mullein, Chamomile, Mugwort, and Mint sourced from different parts of Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. This herbal blend can easily be rolled in a rolling paper for a mellow experience or boil it for a fresh cup of tea. Uplifts mood and relaxes from stress & anxiety. A perfect choice for people looking to quit cigarettes.
 chimp x herbal smoking blends panda rolling

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The struggle to quit tobacco is real and challenging but when nothing seems to come to aid a small change will heap sweet fruits for future so welcome feelings of euphoria and relaxation, with natural properties that aid in your brain’s fight against nicotine addiction, but once you have experienced its deliciously sweet taste and aroma, you’ll have no more desire for tobacco.

Written by Ankita Chowdhury