Vauen Dr. Perl Junior Activated Charcoal Filters - 6mm

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Dr. Perl junior activated charcoal filters 6mm are characterized by a high-grade filtration effect, which can only be achieved with a sufficiently dense activated charcoal filling and the right quality of activated charcoal.

The small 6mm slim filters are in no way inferior to their big 9mm sister and are also highly active carbon pellets, in the usual Dr. Perl quality fitted. For this filter Ceramic caps with a special pore structure were developed, which additionally support the entire filtration process. The filters are equipped with two of these ceramic caps and therefore can be used on both sides.

So how do you recognize the performance of a filter if you can't see it? The difference lies in the following details: The denser a filter is filled with activated carbon pellets, the more "detours" the smoke has to take via pollutant-absorbing pores in the activated carbon in order to get through the filter. The filtration is all the better, the more pores the carbon pellets have. However, if the filter is filled with less carbon and therefore "more airy", the smoke can flow through unhindered. The draw resistance is then lower, but so is the absorbing effect.



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