Trip2 Transparent Rolling Papers King Size - 40 Leaves

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  • 40 Leaves in each pack
  • Made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow.
  • Transparent Paper
  • Dimensions

PRODUCT Description

Trip2 is known for its classy thin transparent smoking paper made out of Asiatic Cotton Mallow with an inherent quality of special cellulose, which means no gum is required to stick; due to this, these clear cigarette rolling papers are stated as tree-free papers which are naturally clear and transparent and are rolled with Cigarette Roaches and Filter Tips. The brand has a strong policy of making vegan cigarette papers that can be used by everyone.


Leafs Per Pack: 40 Leaves to stay stoned.

Made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow:  Trip2 is known as the tree-free Transparent Rolling Paper as they are made up of Asiatic cotton mallow with 100% cellulose that makes them gum-free, as no gum is required for sticking; rolling, filling and licking is enough.

Dimensions: 110mm - 60mm, King Size. Most of the time people generally don’t focus on the dimensions of the rolling paper but we would say that one should know what they’re using, as the majority of Indians are unaware of the different sizes of rolling paper available in the market.

Transparent Paper: Trip2 is a typically translucent paper due to the material it is made up of. This Transparent Clear Cigarette smoking paper allows you to see the filling of your roll and lets you enjoy every smoke with that burning roll.

Customer Reviews

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A nice change

Its totally transparent and feels like plastic(which it is not). Perfect to prank friends. It burns fine and slow. But the feel is different. Not necessarily good for everyone. But its a nice change. And fun too.