Slimjim Slushies King Size Flavoured Papers

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The Slimjim Slushies come in 10 different flavours - one flavour for every mood.

  • Banana Split - Your childhood ice cream parlour reinvented into a paper. Guaranteed to bring out the monkey in you. 
  • Strawberry Sorbet - Hello Gelato! Let this perfectly infused paper take you back to the strawberry farms. The perfect after-meal toke for you.
  • Chocolate Moos - Bringing you the essence of premium Swiss chocolates infused onto thin paper. Consider this as the dessert after your favourite meal.
  • Orange Tang - The refreshing flavours of your childhood summer days. Guaranteed to leave a tangy aftertaste with every drag.
  • Green Apple Candy - You can never go wrong with a green apple twist. Liked by some but loved by all.
  • Vanilla Cream  Vanilla is the gateway flavor to sweetness. Simple yet memorable, perfect for every occasion, light up your day with sweeter notes. Introducing Slimjim’s Slushies Vanilla Cream, a flavor that’s simple yet supreme! Let us take you on a simple yet memorable journey with Slushies Vanilla Cream.
  • Grape Sangria -  The sweet and sexy taste of grapes fused with the smoothness of a slushie, welcoming the most requested fruit into our Slushies family, brothers and sisters give it up for Grape Sangria! 
  • Peach Ice Tea Fruity, sweet and smooth as a Slushie, end your day with a little peach by your side. Say hello to your new flavourful buddy. Introducing Slushies Peach Icetea flavoured rolling papers, cones and roach pads specially designed for the homies that need some fruity pep in their sessions. For the ones that like their peaches from Georgia and enjoy vibes similar to California.
  • Mint Mojito  Mint, a herb which is loved by many and hated by few, we’ve taken those words to our crazy minds and come up with something just for you! Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for our minty, tangy and crazy Slushies Mint Mojito flavored cones, papers and roaches that promises to keep things cool just like Sub Zero. A perfect way to keep each session cool and frosty, enjoy our mint mojitos with a couple of burritos! 
  • Pina Colada - Cocktails with the boys is always enjoyable, so we ask you this: are you in to experience something brand new and quite remarkable? Well then why don’t you say hello to our freshest and tipsiest member in our family! Introducing Slimjim’s Slushie Pina Colada, one rip will take you closer to nirvana. Crafted for the ones that enjoy having a good drink, have a sip of our Pina Colada, a flavourful extravaganza!