Slimjim Slushies King Size Flavoured Papers

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The Slimjim Slushies come in 5 different flavours - one flavour for every mood.

  • Banana Split - Your childhood ice cream parlour reinvented into a paper. Guaranteed to bring out the monkey in you. 
  • Strawberry Sorbet - Hello Gelato! Let this perfectly infused paper take you back to the strawberry farms. The perfect after-meal toke for you.
  • Chocolate Moos - Bringing you the essence of premium Swiss chocolates infused onto thin paper. Consider this as the dessert after your favourite meal.
  • Orange Tang - The refreshing flavours of your childhood summer days. Guaranteed to leave a tangy aftertaste with every drag.
  • Green Apple Candy - You can never go wrong with a green apple twist. Liked by some but loved by all.