Skunk King Size Hemp Rolling Papers

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  • 32 Leaves in each pack
  • Made of Hemp.
  • Natural Gum
  • Watermarked Paper
  • Burn Slowly
  • Dimensions

PRODUCT Description

Skunk has been one of the favorite brands for the last 20 years. The brand offers different sizes of cigarette rolling papers that are crafted in Spain, which is the birthplace of rolling papers. Each leaf of Skunk smoking paper has a criss-cross design watermarked all over them that allows burning slowly. This sneaky Skunk smoking paper is made up of hemp with natural plant-based gum.


Leafs Per Pack: 32 Leaves of Pure Pleasure.

Made Hemp: Skunk has been known for its original hemp quality papers that are manufactured in Spain, Alcoy, the birthplace of rolling papers. These King Size Slim rolling papers by Skunk are made up of hemp that can give you a next-level trip.

Natural Gum: Skunk deals with natural plant-based gum only when it comes to its rolling paper, as Skunk believes in giving the best experience to its customers. Thus, gum used in these hemp papers is extracted from plants.

Dimensions: 110mm - 45mm, King Size Slim. The majority of people in India generally don’t focus on the aspects of the paper they are using. But one should know what they use and prefer as that makes their preferences very clear. To roll an easy roll of King Size Slim Rolling Paper one can use a Rolling Machine.

Watermarked: These Skunk smoking papers have watermarks all over it — a crisscross marking all over the paper, that allows these cigarette papers to burn slowly and more evenly. You can always give your joint a perfect roll with the help of Filter Tip.

Burns Slowly: Skunk has been a pretty good choice for people who love hemp papers, and they are not just known for that, These Skunk papers have a quality of slow-burning that is due to the crisscross marking all over the paper.