Screen Filter - Bong Accessory - 15mm

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Product Detail

  • Stainless Steel
  • 15mm
  • Used for bongs and pipes

Product Description

Screen Filters are a very useful piece for every bong or water pipe lover as these small pieces of round steel help in better smoke and avoid the burnt ashes. Smoking a glass pipe or water pipe bong or hand pipes without a screen filter will definitely give you a bad smoking experience due to the burnt ash. These screen filter's bong accessory can be used multiple times but one should know how often it needs to be changed, as excess use of one filter can also give you a bad bong hit experience. The screen filters also help in keeping the bong clean as the directly burnt ashes are not passed directly to the base of the bong. Screen FIlters are like best friends for every smoke lover.

Used For: These Screen Filters are used with bongs, smoking pipes, hand pipes, chillums to avoid the ashes directly to your mouth. They even keep your smoking pipes and bongs clean and do not allow a lot of ash to pass through it.