RIP King Size 4 in 1 Brown Rolling Papers

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Every RIP 4 in 1 consists of 4 brown RIP papers and 4 brown roaches for that quick sesh. 

  • FSC Certified Paper: For every tree used to make our paper, another is Planted in its place.
  • Criss-Cross: RIP rolling papers have a crisscross pattern watermark all over is a sign of our authenticity, which maintains extremely slow and even burning (USP).
  • Unbleached: RIP Papers are naturally processed and Totally Chlorine Free unlike other papers in the market that are unhealthy and unsafe for the environment. 
  • 100% Vegan: Papers produced are Environmentally Friendly and made up of natural plant fibres.
  • Recycled: RIP Entire Packaging is made out of Recycled material


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