RAW Reserva - Cone Filler and Storage Box

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RAW doesn't need an introduction, its name is enough. RAW is a game player in the smoking industry by capturing a huge market of rolling papers, crushers, filter tips, cigarette holders and etc etc etc. With a huge variety in smoking essentials and after creating a fan base RAW came up with crazy goodies to make its fellow smokers happy. RAW keeps introducing new smoking products, apparel, games, boards, etc. RAW came up with this super easy 3 in one box for all the RAW lovers. RAW Reserva is an air-tight and waterproof stash necklace that can be used in three ways. One to store stash, two - to store pre-rolled cones and last to fill up your 1 1/4 pre-rolled cones.


Made up of: The RAW Reserva is made up of plant plastic with hemp necklace cord.

Includes ICFF: ICFF means internal centrifugal cone filler that helps in filling up pre-rolled cones with your fav green stuff. The centrifugal cone filler is not fixed and can be removed to transform RAW Reserva into storage.

Used for: RAW Reserva can be used for more than one thing. In short, it has three functions that will make rolling and storing a little easy.

1. RAW Reserva as Centrifugal Cone Filling: Place a 1 1/4 pre-rolled cone in the centre of the hole. Now add some of your green herbal stuff to the funnel and close the reserva. swing it with the hemp cord and open and remove the roll. Tap it on the hard surface to make it even and twist it for a smoke.

2. RAW Reserva user for Storage: Once the ICFF is removed it becomes spacious enough to store your pre-rolled joints rolls in it. Pack it right in the air-tight and waterproof reserva and wear it as a necklace.

Dimension: The RAW Reserva is 12cm in height and is perfect to store your stash and King Size and small rolled cones.