RAW Rawket 5 in 1 Pre-Rolled Cones

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  • Pre-Rolled Cone
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Made of Plant Fibers
  • Perfect Rolled Cone
  • Easy Smoke
  • Dimension

Product Description

With a huge variety in the products and sizes, RAW has taken over the joint smoking rolling paper industry. RAW has been primarily known for its cigarette paper quality with crazy sizes available in cones. This pack of 5 pre-rolled cones can be your companion for party time or loner solitude. The RAW Rawket contains 5 different sizes of pre-rolled cones, which are Supernatural (12 inches), Emperador (8 inches), Peacemaker (7 inches), Kingsize (110mm), and 1 ¼ (78mm). Each joint pre-rolled cone of the pack can set different moods for the smoker as the smoker can choose the size of the smoke he/she wants to have. The shape of these cigarette pre-rolled cones is in such a way that it holds more amount of filling at the beginning than towards the end, which maintains the taste of the smoke while not letting it getting harsh.


Pre-Rolled Cones: These revolutionary pre-rolled cigarette smoking cones have changed the life of every smoker. These pre-rolled cones in the market have made the life of every smoker easy and chill, as smokers who weren't perfect rollers can fill up the cone with the help of a Cone Loader and start smoking. Meanwhile, rollers can save the time of rolling and release that stress out by just filling and smoking.

Unbleached Paper: RAW has a variety of cigarette Pre-Rolled Cones available in the market, and each joint pre-rolled cone is unrefined and unbleached of chlorine and its substances, as bleaching leads to the bad smoking experience.

Made of Plant Fibers: RAW is one of those brands that deals only with organic substances to make it's Smoking Accessories environmentally friendly. These RAW cigarette pre-rolled cones are made of natural plant fibres with tree sap gum line extracted from plants. 

Dimension: The pre-rolled joint cone set has five different sizes, which are Supernatural (12 inches), Emperador (8 inches), Peacemaker (7 inches), Kingsize (110mm), and 1 ¼ (78mm). Each cone of the pack has a perfect size to set different moods of smoke.