Raw Pre-Rolled Tips Slider Box - 100 Tips

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  • 100 Tips in Each Slider Box
  • Tips Made of Natural Fibers
  • Made of Tin
  • Chlorine Free
  • Dimensions of Tips (6mm - 18mm)
  • Durable Slider Box


What would a cigarette look like if a tip wasn’t used to roll it up? Cigarette Tips are an essential part of a cigarette as they not just give a proper shape to your roll but also provides a better gripping while holding. RAW has a variety of filter tips under its brand, and every joint-rolling paper tip has some quality that will lure you, but not every tip works for all smokers as every smoker has their preferences. Roll your Cigarette roll with Pre-rolled filter tips and on a Rolling Tray. The Pre-Rolled Filter Tips comes in a slider box that keeps the tips safe from getting damaged.


Tips in Each Box: The Slider Box contains 100 Pre-rolled filter tips.

Made of Natural Products: RAW is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the products it produces. These RAW Pre-Rolled Rolling Paper Tips are crafted from naturally unrefined long fibres, which is further pressed and rolled for those impatient smokers.

Made of Tin: The RAW Slider Tin box with tips is made up of metal alloy which holds your filter tips and keep them safe in it.

Chlorine Free: The wide range of products that are manufactured by RAW is chlorine-free and unrefined, as RAW believes in products that are environment-friendly and gives good smoking experience.

Dimensions: Dimensions of your RAW Tip is 6mm diameter and 18mm long and the slider box is 4.5 Inch by 2.5 Inch by 1 Inch. Usually, people don’t notice the size or dimension of tips, but it's essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice.

Durable: As you may have known and studied that Tin is one of the strongest forms of metal i.e., known for its durability and longevity. Well, this RAW Slide tin box is proof of a durable storage box that won’t leave your side until you lose it.