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  • Made of Wood
  • Dimension
  • Non-stick

Product Description

RAW doesn't need an introduction, it's name is enough. RAW is a game player in the smoking industry by capturing a huge market of rolling papers, crushers, filter tips, cigarette holders and etc etc etc. With a huge variety of smoking essentials, RAW still keeps coming up with some new inventions, and here we are talking about one. RAW Natural Wood Poker is a friend of everyone after all everyone needs poker for a perfect and fit rolled cone. Poker is a necessity for every smoker.


Made of Wood: The Poker is made up of the finest and sleek wood that has a conical shape and is smooth and polished for perfectly poked rolled joints.

Dimension: The dimension of the poker is 113mm that is taller than a King Size roll. The poker does perfect packaging and poking to make a tightly rolled cigarette joint.

Non-Stick: The poker is made up of wood and is designed in a way that it has a natural anti-static that avoids sticking any material to the poker stick. Due to the natural nature, each pocker has a unique color and grain pattern.