Raw Perforated Gummed Tips - 33 Tips

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  • 33 Tips in Each Pack
  • Made of Natural Products
  • Chlorine Free

Product Description

Ever thought what a joint might look like without a filter tip? Well, it will definitely be a skinny one with some ashes in your mouth. :/ A roach is really important for rolling a joint as it gives a definite shape to it while stopping those ashes from rolling down your throat with every puff. RAW has been known for it's huge range of smoking accessories in the market with new innovations coming up then n now. The RAW Perforated Gummed Filter Tips are new in the market that are made up of unbleached long fibers with a traditional type fourdrinier paper machine.   The each pack contains 33 perforated tip for a perfectly rolled joint. Roll your Cigarette roll with wide perforated tips and on a Rolling Tray


Tips in Each Pack: The pack contains 33 Perforated Filter Tips.

Made of Natural Products: RAW is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the Rolling Papers and Cigarette Filters it produces. The RAW Gummed filter tips are crafted naturally with unbleached long fiber classic tip paper with fourdrinier paper machine. The Filter tips are dream of every smoker.

Chlorine Free: The wide range of products that are manufactured by RAW are chlorine-free and unrefined, as RAW believes in products that are environment-friendly and gives good smoking experience.