Raw Organic Hemp Roll - 5 Meter

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  • 5 Meter Roll
  • Unbleached paper
  • Made of plant fibres
  • Natural tree sap gum
  • Watermarked
  • Made of Organic Hemp
  • Even and slow-burning

Product Description

The Candy to every raw fan.RAW Classic Rolls is one of the best alternatives for your rolling paper needs. This cigarette rolling roll enables you to choose which size of joint you want to make. These rolls are made up of organic and unbleached plant fibres with natural gum strip extracted from plants.


Made of Plant Fibers: The RAW Classic Roll is made up of unbleached plant fibres with natural gum.

Natural Sugar Gum: The gum strip used in RAW Classic 5 meter roll is naturally extracted from plants that give a better smoking experience.

Dimension: 16ft x 52mm. These smoking paper rolls give you an extra excuse to roll your smoke. Rolls give you full freedom to make super long or small smoke, according to your preference. Now you can easily roll up your cigarette roll with a Rolling Machine.

Unbleached: RAW Rolling Papers and Rolls manufactured by RAW are unbleached, i.e. not treated with chlorine and other harmful chemicals. A lot of brands in the industry bleach their products to make them burn slowly.

Watermarked: Raw smoking paper rolls have a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper and also make them burn slowly and evenly.

Even and Slow Burning: These smoking paper rolls have a quality of slow and even burning due to crisscross imprint all over the paper, which avoids runs and maintains the smoothest burn.

Customer Reviews

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Very good, original RAW product with watermark. Fast and prompt delivery by panda rolling as well. Extremely satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the customer service.