RAW Organic Hemp King Size Slim Rolling Papers

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  • 32 King Size Slim Leaves in Each Pack
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Made of Organic Hemp
  • Natural Tree Sap Gum
  • Each Paper is Watermarked
  • Even and Slow-Burning

PRODUCT Description

RAW has introduced a wide range of smoking accessories in the industry. Still, these RAW Organic Hemp tobacco rolling papers are one of the most preferred once as they are crafted from unrefined, pure hemp that forced the smoking industry to focus on the quality of rolling papers were being produced. These papers have a natural tree sap gum line extracted from plants and are rolled up with a Filter Tip or Roach. Every cigarette paper of RAW Organic has a crisscross pattern all over which avoids runs and maintain smooth burns.


Leafs Per Pack: 32 Leaves of true happiness.

Made of Plant Fibers: RAW is one of those brands that deals only with organic substances to make it's smoking accessories environmentally friendly. These RAW Organic tobacco papers are made of natural hemp with tree sap gum line from a unique pure water method that naturally results in a very thin light tan. A lot of different brands promise you organic smoking rolling paper but are made up of Chalk, dye and animal glue. Be aware while purchasing one of those.

Natural Tree Sap Gum: All the Products by RAW are made up of natural ingredients, not like those other smoking accessories brands that use shoe tissue for papers with glue rendered from animals. The gumline used in RAW Organic hemp smoking paper is extracted from trees to keep it natural and environmentally friendly.

Unbleached: RAW's every cigarette rolling paper is naturally processed and unbleached. As you may know, these other rolling papers out in the market are usually chlorine bleached and chemically treated which neither are environmental friendly nor gives you a pleasant smoking experience.

Dimensions: 110mm - 45mm, King Size Slim. Most of the time people generally don't focus on the dimensions of the tobacco rolling paper. Still, we would say that one should know what they're using, majority of Indians are unaware about the Different sizes, Variety and Flavour of Rolling Paper available in the market though the King Size Slim is the most used paper.

Watermarked: Each smoking rolling paper is watermarked with RAW all over it to identify the originality of the paper. Above all, these papers have a crisscross marking all over, which helps the paper to burn evenly and slowly.

Even and Slow Burning: RAW has become one of the most preferred cigarette rolling papers in the last decade. Well, they are not just known for being thinnest paper but also for it's slow and even burning. The RAW rolling paper has a crisscross pattern all over the paper that makes it burn slow and even from all the sides.