Raw Metal Rolling Tray Magnetic Cover - Small

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  • Metallic Tray Cover
  • Made of Magnet
  • Used For
  • Best Glossy finish
  • Dimensions


If you are here then we know you are here to check out this amazing classic product by RAW. RAW is a market player in the Smoking Accessory industry that has lured every smoking enthusiast around the globe with it’s world-class products. This classic RAW Black Magnetic Tray Cover is a best solution to all your hiding problems. A knock at the door? Don't know where to hide your stuff? Just place all your smoking accessory in the metallic tray and cover it up with the magnetic cover. What Say?


Metallic Tray Cover: The RAW magnetic tray cover is the best way to pack all your smoking accessories at one place by placing everything in that metallic tray and covering it with this crazy magnetic cover.

Made of Magnet: The RAW Magnetic Cover is a big cover that is made up of good quality magnet which is used to store and protect all your smoking essentials at one place.

Used For: This beauty is used to put away your stuff without having to put it away. The magnetic cover is used for covering the metallic tray to hide your precious smoking stuff and to also protect it from unwanted friends and pets.

Glossy Finish: The Magnetic Cover Smoking Accessory has a glossy finish that makes it shine all the time. A glossy and classic touch for an amazing Rolling Trays.

Dimension: The size of the magnetic cover is 11 Inch by 7 Inch, which is a perfect fit for a RAW Small Magnetic Tray.