RAW Hemp Wick - 3 Meter

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Material: RAW Hemp wicks are made up of natural and eco-friendly substances like hemp and beeswax. The top class Hemp is imported from Europe which is grown without any use of pesticides. While beeswax is produced from natural Beekeeping.

Dimensions: The dimension of the Hemp wick is 3 meters that are almost equal to 10ft. The Hemp wick is long enough to be part of your Smoking Accessories for long n long n long.

How to Use: All you have to do is lit up that end of the wick and tilt that up to control the flame, and once you see the flame gets brighter, you are ready to light up your Rolled Cigarette which can be rolled up of pure Hemp Rolling Paper. These Hemp wicks are basically used for lighting up smoke whether a roll or a bong.