RAW Glass Reusable Filter Tips

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Product Details

  • Made of Glass
  • Reusable
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Dimension
  • Better Smoking Experience

Product Description

RAW has been the favorite brand of most of the smoking enthusiasts and if you are reading this, then let's think that you are also one of them. From top-quality Joint Rolling Papers to other Smoking Accessories that make the life of every smoker easier and smoother, RAW has always come up with some fantastic innovations in the industry, and here we are with another of its masterpieces. RAW Glass Tips is a perfect alternative to your non-reusable filter tips and a great piece for a better smoking experience.


Made of Glass: The extraordinary Filter Tips are revolutionary in the smoking industry that has replaced the old soggy paper tips and harsh taste! These Glass FIlter Tips are easy to use and re-use that are made up of premium quality glass for a cleaner smoking experience.

Reusable: The Glass Filter Tip is easy to roll and re-use filter tip roach that can be used n-number of times if you don’t break it down. It replaces those absorbent paper filter roaches for a better smoking experience.

Flat Mouthpiece: The Glass filter tips have a flat mouthpiece that makes them a comfortable piece of smoke, which is easily placed on your lips and gives a refined smoke with the help of two pinches inside the tip.

Dimension: The size of the glass filter tip is 6mm x 35mm that can be rolled with your favorite size of the Joint Ciggerete

Best Smoking Experience: RAW believes in delivering a better smoking experience, and so do we. The RAW Glass Filter Tip is the right piece for your smoking kit. The glass tips are made in such a way that they hold the ashes from the cigarette or joint with the two pinches inside the tip, and the glass replaces the soggy paper tips. Tips are specially made for a refined smoking experience.

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500 for some glass ??