Raw Crystal Ashtray

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RAW doesn't need an introduction, it's name is enough. RAW is a game player in the smoking industry by capturing a huge market of rolling papers, crushers, filter tips, cigarette holders and etc etc etc. The huge variety in smoking essentials and other crazy goodies keeps on growing. RAW recently came up with a classic ashtray that was used by smokers in 1950's in a little modified way. The RAW Crystal Ashtray will be your new favourite for every smoke.

The RAW Crystal Ashtray is made up of thick heavy glass that might resist a bullet shot(please do not try it though :P). The ashtray is a resemblance from 1950's ashtray that was made up of lead, but who would want to touch lead now. It is an antique piece that will never be out done by any ashtray.


Crystal Ashtray: RAW has always focused on the quality of every Smoking Accessory that they make, whether it’s Cigarette Rolling Papers or other Smoking Accessories. The RAW Crystal Ashtray is made u of very heavy glass.

Easy to Clean:  RAW Crystal Ashtray is just like your other glass utensils but a little to heavy and also to serve a different purpose. The Ashtray can easily be washed with soap solution or can be wiped with a dry cloth if it's not that dirty.

Dimensions: RAW has always given options to its customers to pick the size according to their needs. The RAW Crystal Ashtray is 2 Inch in diameter and 5 Inc in height.

Classic Finish: The Crystal Ashtray is round in shape with the classic finishing. It can hold upto 4 cigarettes or joints at once. The shinning crystal ashtray will be like a luxury add on to your smoking accessory to show off!