Raw Cone Loader

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Every smoker keeps looking for new and exciting smoking accessories that can make rolling easier and faster while wasting less time in rolling joint and spending more time enjoying. The RAW cone loader is one of the most useful accessory for any smoker. This cone loader can fill your pre-rolled cone in a time span of 8 seconds with the help of RAW scraper and a wooden stick. The cone loader doesn’t just save you time but also helps you in filling that cone with the perfect amount of tobacco herb.


Parts of Cone Loader: The Pre-rolled cone loader is divided into three parts that are RAW Scrapping Card, Raw wooden Poker, and RAW Cone Loader. The scrapping card is used for crushing your favourite herb while RAW cone loader is used to fill the cones with the right amount of those herbs, and RAW wooden poker helps in adjusting small and big particles inside the cone for your satisfaction.

Material: As you know, the RAW cone loader is divided into three parts, and each part of it is manufactured with different eco-friendly materials. The RAW cone loader and scrapping card are made up of ECM earth plastic that is biodegradable, and it can degrade faster than any other plastic out there. The poking stick is made up of pure wood, which is used for adjustments.

How to Use:  All you got to do is crush that herb on the scrapping card and fill that cone loader with the crushed herbs. Place the cone towards the end of the cone loader and tilt it straight until all that herb is passed down that cone, now poke the herbs with the poking stick and adjust the filled cone.