Raw Classic Supernatural King Rolling Papers - 12 inch

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  • Vegan-friendly
  • 12 inches supernatural paper
  • Brown paper
  • Slow burning
  • Hemp paper
  • 20 leaves in each booklet

Just because you want organic, all-natural stuff doesn't mean you don't like having fun, so try these extra long hemp rolling papers from Raw Supernatural. These measure a 44 mm wide slim size and a very long 280 mm length - that's over 11 inches but less than 12 inches, and a standard king-size paper is just 110 mm long to give you an idea of how large they are.

So if you think that these extra long papers are a little too long for you, for every Raw supernatural paper, you can break one into three pieces and roll three "normal"-size joints. RAW mystical rolling papers are made of hemp paper and hemp-based gum, natural, non-chlorine, vegan-friendly, minimally processed in an eco-friendly, windmill-powered way.

These feature RAW's proprietary crisscross watermark for slow, even burning and a natural hemp gum line to match the papers' burn rate, like all of RAW's rolling papers.For a smooth, creaseless rolling and smoking experience, these lie flat in the box with no folds - for the true purist. The pack features a band to hold it when not in use tightly locked.  The biggest papers we've seen are probably RAW Classic mystical 12-inch rolling papers, so you know this one is for those real special occasions when there will be a huge party to attend. A wide rubber band is supplied to tightly seal the packaging when not in use. It is a pure, clean smelling smoke that is best described as pure, light and normal.

The paper is a transparent natural light brown colour and includes a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine-whitened) fibres. RAW also has its own special cross pattern watermark for a more even burning smoking experience, which minimises runs and unusual paper burning.

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Loved it!

Very worth it! Can roll varying size joints. Useful when there are more people