Raw Classic Masterpiece King Rolls with Tips - 3 Meter

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  • 3 meter Roll and 30 Pre-rolled Tips
  • Magnetic Storage Box
  • Made of Plant Fibers
  • Unbleached Paper Roll
  • Natural Tree Sap Gum
  • Watermarked
  • Dimension
  • Even and Slow-Burning

Product Description

RAW has been the favourite brand of most of the smoking enthusiasts and if you are reading this, then let's think that you are also one of them. From top-quality Joint Rolling Papers to other Smoking Accessories that make the life of every smoker easier and smoother, RAW has always come up with some fantastic innovations in the industry, and here we are with another of its masterpieces. RAW Masterpiece a box of pure happiness that contains a 3-meter unbleached roll and 30 Pre-rolled filter tips, nothing less than a party pack. Are you ready to smoke friends? HELL YEAHH!!


The Box: The box magnetic seal box contains a 3-meter roll of unbleached cigarette rolling paper with 30 pre-rolled tips for an easy and fast smoke.

Magnetic Storage Box: The box has a magnetic seal to keep the joint rolling paper fresh and nice. It can also be reused to store all your stash at one place. The magnetic flap holds the paper and is ready to pull and tear on the metal edge.

Made of PLant Fibers and Natural Gum: RAW has a wide range of organic and environmentally friendly products, and RAW cigarette paper rolls are one of the most loved natural rolling paper rolls. The RAW Classic cigarette paper roll is made up of natural plant fibres with natural gum that is extracted from trees.

Unbleached Roll: RAW is also known for its chlorine and ammonia-free unbleached rolling papers, as a lot of brands in the market bleach their cigarette papers to give them light colour while allowing them to burn slowly.

Dimension: The size of the Roll is 3 meter and a King Size Rolling Paper Roll. Every King Size Joint Rolling Paper is 110mm - 60mm. A roll gives you the freedom to make any size of joint roll, small or big depends on your mood.

Watermarked and Even and Slow-Burning: The Rolling Paper Roll has a criss-cross marking all over the roll that helps them to burn slowly and evenly without any bad burns. The criss-cross marking over the rolling paper also states the originality of the RAW joint paper.

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Rakesh Basnett

Raw Classic Masterpiece King Rolls with Tips - 3 Meter