RAW Cellulose Filter Tips Pack - 200 Filter Tips

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  • 200 Tips in Each Pack
  • Made of Cellulose
  • Chlorine Free
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Product Description

RAW Smoking Accessory Brand has been a game changer in the market with it’s widened variety of smoking accessories, rolling papers, filter tips, crushers, trays, etc. If you have ever tried RAW products we can vouch that you love them. RAW always thinks about it’s fellow smokers, hence always comes up with classic designer smoking products to make life easy. These RAW Pre-Rolled Cellulose Cigarette Filter Tips are all one needs. Filter Tips helps in making a better cigarette roll and stops the ashes to roll down in your throat while smoking.


Tips in Each Pack: Every pack has 200 tips for 200 ready to roll a smoke.

Made of Natural Products: RAW is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the products it manufactures. These RAW Slim Cellulose Tips are crafted from classic natural plant cellulose that gives an easier draw than cotton filters. The true RAW filters to experience old classic way of smoking.

Chlorine Free: The wide range of products that are manufactured by RAW is chlorine-free and unrefined, as RAW believes in products that are environment-friendly and gives good smoking experience.

Customer Reviews

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Arif Khan
Superb product

If you like slim filter tips then don't think anything else, just go for Raw.