Raw Ash Catcher

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  • Made of Nylon: The RAW Catcher is formed of nylon, an artificial material that's heat resistant and doesn't enable the RAW Catcher to urge hot whereas smoking. The flat base is nice to place down the cone whereas it's stable. These RAW Catchers square measure sort of a saviour as a result of currently one doesn’t assume before confiscating the ash.

  • Prevents Burning: The RAW Catchers helps in preventing burning the additional burns you would possibly get whereas smoking a fag or joint. loads of times it happens that ash or a touch spark of your fag joints may fall whereas smoking that finishes up creating a hole in your shirt, shoe, carpet, sofa etc. Thus, these RAW Catchers facilitate in catching those further and prevents burning.
  • Better Smoking Experience: RAW Catcher is one in every of those innovations that's like adding a cherry to the pie. each RAW innovation is sort of a step towards a much better smoking expertise, and RAW Catcher is one in every of those items that's sort of a should for each smoking accent assortment. It's too smart to own it that one will deny obtaining their hands on that.