Raw Aluminium Grinder - 56MM

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  • Made of Aluminum
  • Dimension
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Divided into 4 Parts with 3 Compartment
  • Magnetized Lid

The RAW herb shredder is made up of finest aluminum in the market with a non-stick nylon friction ring which ensures smooth grinding of herbs. These RAW herb grinders are reliable and durable due to its high quality aluminum.

The RAW tobacco shredder has a set of 32 sharp teeth that makes the crushing process easier and faster.The upper lid of the crusher hold 18 teeth, meanwhile the lower lid holds 14 teeth. The teeth are in a diamond shape which are designed in such a way to give finely crushed herbs.

The RAW Tobacco Grinder is divided into four parts with three compartments. The herb/tobacco is crushed in the first chamber with the help of teeth in the lid and first chamber. The refined and crushed herbs are passed over to the other chamber with the refining sheet, thus results in finely crushed tobacco herbs for a great smoke.