Raw 2 Way Roller Rolling Machine

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Are you a smoking enthusiast? Well, we think so if you are reading this. In that case, RAW might be one of your favorite smoking accessory brands. As we all know RAW has top-quality Joint Rolling Papers to other Smoking Accessories that make the life of every smoker easier and smoother, RAW has always come up with some fantastic innovations in the industry, and here we are with another of its masterpieces. RAW 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine. Who would have even thought about it even? The 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine smoking accessory is a small satisfaction to all those who enjoy both heavy and skinny joints.



Material Used: The RAW Eco-Friendly 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine is made up of German Hemp Plastic, which is a revolutionary material created by Dr. Pohl and popularized by RAW. These rollers are produced in the land of Kudus, Indonesia, where the original clove cigarette factories were established.

Used For: The 2 Way Roller is specially designed for smoke lovers who had complaints that a rolling machine can only have a thicker joint and people had to roll a skinny joint by themselves. Thus, to solve the problem RAW launched RAW 2-Way Roller which not just rolls a regular joint but can also roll a skinny joint at the same time with some adjustments.

How to Use: As easy as the 2-way roller rolling machine looks, easier it is to use it. All you gotta do is 1.  hold your roller from the size controller and set knob 1 for a regular-sized joint and set knob 2 for a skinny joint. Now, 2. lift the rolling pin up and spread the tobacco evenly and lightly press between the rolling pins. Use ⅓ of the tobacco for a skinny joint. 3. To close the roller push the pin together and remove all the extra tobacco. Now start rolling the rolling pin towards you. 4. Now insert the rolling paper in the roller with the gummed side up towards you and start rolling the pin until you are left with ½ inch gummed edge. Moisten the edge and the pin and you are ready with your regular or skinny joint.

Dimensions: The 2-Way Roller Rolling Machine  Smoking Accessory is of 4.72 Inch and 1 Inch which can easily roll a regular or skinny joint of 110mm that is a King Size Rolling Paper.