Kaagazz King Size Brown Rolling Papers with Roach - Full Box

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10 units of 32 leaves & 32 tips per box.

We offer you a perfect combination of fine quality, vegan rolling paper along with flexible filter tips.

Our unique blend makes it a lot easier for you to roll and gives you a smooth and crisp experience every time you use it. On the other hand, our filter tips are perfectly designed in such a way that they will compliment your experience perfectly.

With every paper made out of an organic, slow-burning, vegan blend unlike any other. Our paper is eco-friendly and ensures an effortless roll and a sumptuous feel.

We realised that packaging is just as important to the experience as the quality of the paper so, we put a lot of thought into it. Kaagazz’s premium quality packaging not only makes the paper very easily accessible but also makes sure your paper is completely wrinkle-free, which makes all the difference while rolling.

Our filter tips are more than just 32 roaches. It is a way to make yourself used to a better roll. Our filter tips are top-notch in quality and will attend to every single one of your rolling needs perfectly.

Our filter tips are equal parts ductile and robust, making sure that not only will you be able to bend them any way you want, but their quality ensures that it sits comfortably in a thin or thick roll.

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Mukund kapoor
The Best out there

Bought these papers, man they aren’t just aesthetic but lovely to smoke too.