Juicy Jay King Size Rolling Papers - Box of 24

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  • 32 leaves in each Pack
  • Mix of all 8 flavours
  • Made out of Triple dip Flavour System
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum

Product Description

Juicy Jay is known for flavored smoking paper in the industry, which has a wide range of different flavors to jazz up every smoke. These flavored rolling papers are made up of organic pure hemp manufactured with a process of triple-dip flavor system that gives them a long-lasting fruity taste. Each leaf of the pack has a vibrant print of flavored fruit with soy ink to make it look attractive. These 32 leaves are mouth-watering smoking papers that'll boost up your smoking experience and to save the flavored rolling papers you can store them in a Tin Container.


Leafs Per Pack: 32 Leaves of Pure Pleasure. 

Flavor: Juicy Jay has a lot of different flavours in the market, and we are pretty sure you’ve already picked up your favorite flavored rolling paper. Well, the smoking cigarette paper has a fruity grape flavor that will lit up your taste buds while leaving a sweet taste on your lips. And to spice up your smoke you can always use Menthol Flavoured Filter Tips.

Triple Dip Flavour System: Juicy Jay has a technique of making these flavoured smoking papers so juicy and tasty. Well, the cigarette joint paper is processed with a triple-dip flavour system. In this process, the paper is dipped thrice in the flavour and soaked for a week to infuse it with a juicy taste for a smooth smoking experience.

Made of Pure Hemp: The products manufactured by Juicy Jay are made of organic substances. As you may know, these fruity flavoured rolling papers are made of natural organic pure hemp that is environment-friendly, not like other brands that make their smoking accessories out of harmful substances, which concludes in the bad smoking experience.

Natural Sugar Gum: The gum used in these flavoured paper is natural gum, which is extracted from plants and is made in Spain, the birthplace smoking rolling papers.

Dimension: 110mm - 45mm, King Size Slim. Generally, people don’t keep a note of the paper they use. Still, we suggest one should keep track of products they use as it makes a lot easier for a smoker to pick preferences, and especially in Indian people aren’t much aware of different sizes available in the market.