Tiki Voodoo Wall Hanging

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These psychedelic and trippy backdrops can help elevate your high into another level. Hang it anywhere, in your room or hall and trip on these mad designs. It also glows in the dark.

Size: 30x40 inches

Print: Printed using new sublimation technology which means that the results are permanent. The transferred images are not on the surface of the substrate - they become part of the substrate itself which means that the items are much more durable!

(Do you see those printed tshirts that start cracking after a couple washes? Exactly, we hate that too, which is why this has been made using the sublimation technology to make sure that doesn’t happen) 

Material: Semi gloss high quality lycra for outdoor and indoor usage. Can be washed and ironed. 

Eyelets: 4 eyelets on each corner for easy installation! 

Hand stitched: Handstiched from all sides with love and care.

Sourced with love from Goa!