Gizeh Fine Red 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers - 50 Leaves

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  • Size: 35.8 X 68 mm
  • 50 Leaves each pack
  • Naturally Made
  • Medium Burning

Gizeh is one of the greatest Smoking Accessory Brand running for the last 100 years. It has introduced a wide range of organic and pure rolling papers and filter tips in the market. With the changing choices of their fellow smokers Gizeh has widened their smoking products and accessories. The new range of fine and organic rolling papers is one of the best available in the market. The Red Fine Gizeh Rolling Paper is made naturally with the quality of medium burning for one to enjoy their roll.


Leaves: 50 Leaves of true happiness.

Made Naturally: Gizeh brand has a range of Fine Joint Papers that are made up of natural plant fibers and hemp. Gizeh Red Fine Rolling Paper is made of plant fibers which gives you an amazing smoking experience while being eco-friendly.

Natural Gum: The Gizeh uses 100% natural gum in their world-class joint rolling papers. The Gum used in these Fine Cigarette Rolling Paper is Arabic Gum from the sap of the acacia tree.

Dimensions: 35mm - 68mm, Regular Size 1 1/4. The majority of people in India generally don’t focus on the different sizes and flavors of smoking rolling papers are available in the market.

Medium Burning: These Gizeh cigarette rolling papers have a quality of medium-burning that burns quite slowly with a comparison of other rolling papers in the market. The joint might burn out when not being smoked.

Customer Reviews

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Vishal Tripathi
Did not get what I ordered

I order 4 Red Gizeh, but was sent 2 Red and 2 Green ones. Not happy with my first experience with this website.