Gizeh Extra Slim 5mm Filter - 150 Tips

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  • 150 Tips in Each Pack
  • Cotton Filters
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Dimensions

Product Description

For decades Gizeh brand has been manufacturing Rolling Paper and Filter tips for individual enjoyment and have been delivering high quality branded products to all those who enjoy smoking. From the classic Gizeh cigarette rolling paper to flavored and charcoal filter tips, Gizeh has tried their best to develop new products that are not just good but the best in the smoking accessory market. Gizeh Extra Slim 5.3mm is one of the thinnest filter tips ever made in the market. These smoking filter tips are especially recommended with super fine extra slim rolling paper.


Tips in Each Pack: Every pack has 150 tips for 150 ready to roll a smoke.

Dimensions: Dimensions of your Gizeh Extra Slim Filter Tips are 15mm long and 5.3mm in diameter. Well, it kinda perfect size as it helps in making a perfect roll which filters smoke well in that 15 mm long tip. Usually, people don't notice the size or dimension of tips, but it's essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice.

Resealable Packaging: The Gizeh Extra Slim Filter Tips are packed in a resealable pack which keeps the filters fresh and nice to enjoy every smoke.