Elements Rolling Tray - Small

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  • Metallic Tray
  • Spacious
  • Easy to Clean
  • Curved Edges
  • Best Glossy finish
  • Dimensions


Elements is one of those big brands in the smoking industry, that is known for its eco-friendly smoking accessories made up of earth, water, wind, and fire particles. Every Smoking Accessory ever made by Elements is special as they always keep their smoking enthusiasts in their mind to give them the best smoking experience and for that, they always come up with new innovations. To bring out a little more, Elements has this basic RED rolling mixing tray, which has a big ELEMENTS logo, and it’s promises displayed over it. The basic ELEMENTS RED metal rolling tray is for smoke lovers who prefer storing all their smoking accessories at one place. The metal smoking rolling tray is spacious enough to hold joint rolling papers, cigarette tips, pre-rolled cones, tobacco grinders, herbs,etc., in short, all your smoking necessities at one place.


Metallic Tray: ELEMENTS has always been a customer satisfactory brand who do not compromise on the quality of their Smoking Accessory, whether it’s their Rolling Papers or Filter Tip Roach or other smoking accessories. This Elements RED Metal Rolling Tray Smoking Accessory is made up of the finest metal, which gives it long durability as good metal stays longer by your side.

Spacious: Elements has a variety of sizes available in products; this Elements Red Metal Rolling Tray has enough space for anyone to store all their smoking essentials like Joint Rolling Paper or Filter Tips or Herb Grinder at one place. One can decide the size of the product according to their needs and preferences.

Easy to Clean: Metal Rolling Tray is just like your other utensils but for a different purpose. The tray can be easily washed with any detergent, or can even be wiped with a dry cloth if it's not that dirty.

Dimensions: Elements has always given options to its customers to pick the size according to their needs. Just like that, the metal rolling tray is available in 3 sizes, but the most used one by smoke lovers is a small size metal tray that is compact enough to store and hide. The dimension of the tray is 11 Inch by 7 Inch.

Curved Edges: The metal rolling tray Smoking Accessory has curvy edges, which makes the life of every smoker way lot easier. The curved edges of the metallic tray smoking accessory do not allow the crushed herbs to stick by the corner, as wasting these precious herbs is disheartening than anything else. 

Best Glossy Finish: Elements products are known for the best finishing in the market as you can see the metallic tray has a glossy look with a gleaming finish, which makes it smooth and shiny.