ELEMENTS Roll | Plastic Holder - 5 Meter

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  • 5 Meter Roll
  • Made of Rice
  • Natural Sugar Gum
  • Dimensions
  • Watermarked
  • Zero Ash
  • Plastic Holder

Product Description

Elements is one of those classic brands that happen to be a part smoking industry, which is made of the earth, water, wind, and fire particles. The smoking rolling paper rolls by Elements is made up of environment-friendly materials like rice and sugar, with a crisscross pattern all over that helps in burning smoothly and evenly. Each roll comes with a plastic holder to keep it safe from wearing or tearing, which can further be refilled with another Refill Rolling Paper Roll.


Made of Rice: Elements is one of those brands that believe in eco-friendly products for a better smoking experience with less harm to the environment. A lot of brands out there use harmful substances to make fake cigarette rolling rolls and Rolling Papers. All the joint rolling paper rolls by Elements are made of earth-friendly material, i.e., rice and sugar, which gives them a white transparent color.

Natural Sugar Gum: The gum used in this rolling paper roll is natural gum, which is extracted from plants and is made in Spain, the birthplace rolling papers.

Dimension: 16.4ft x 52mm. The joint smoking paper rolls give every smoker an extra excuse to roll and smoke as the roll provides full freedom to every smoker to choose the size of the smoke by themselves. They can make super long or small smoke according to their requirements and preference. One can make them a perfect cigarette roll with the help of a Rolling Machine.

Watermarked: Elements joint smoking paper roll has a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper. These joint rolling paper has a crisscross imprint all over the paper to prevent runs and allow for the smoothest and most even burn.

Zero Ash: Elements are known for zero ash residue, as you may know, they are made up of sugar and rice; thus, the only residue left behind is caramel created by the sugar while burning. They even have crisscross imprint all over that prevents rush while burning.

Plastic Holder: These Elements rolls come with a plastic holder to make the lives of every smoker easy as the holder is way to compatible to store the paper, and chances of wearing and tearing of paper also decreases. The roll in the holder can be refilled once the roll gets finished.

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Mayureshwar Prabhu

Awesomeness ... long lasting n handy.. n rough.. Thank u panda rolling Lots of love n respect to u guys U guys r the best n quick...