Elements Eco-Plastic Rolling Machine

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    Product Description

    Rolling a cigarette is also a kind of job if you are new to it or not a pro-level roller. After all, if rolling your cigarette was that easy, not every smoker would have become a pro in rolling a cigarette. Well, to sort this rolling issue out, Elements came up with these Acrylic Plastic Roller Smoking Accessory, which will not just save you time while rolling a cigarette but also make you a perfectly rolled joint roll for that trippy hit.


    Material: The Elements Eco-Roller is made up of strong acrylic with the twist is made of double vinyl, Designed to hold a life lag!

    How To Use: All you gotta do is a place that herbs between the rollers with a roach and align it all in one straight line while adjusting it with one moveable roller. Once the herb is aligned, take one CIgarette Rolling Paper and start inserting in from the wall of the roller and keep adjusting the moveable roller until it's rolled. And now you are ready to lick it, stick it, and smoke it.

    Dimension: The ELEMENTS Plastic Eco-Roller Smoking Accessory is of 4.72 Inch and 1 Inch which can easily roll a joint of 110mm that is a King Size Rolling Paper.