ELEMENTS CONNOISSEUR - King Size Rolling Papers with Tips

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  • 32 Leaves and 32 Tips in each pack
  • Made From Rice
  • Organic Sugar Gum
  • Awesome Dimensions
  • Easy to Fold and Wrap
  • Ultra-Thin Paper
  • Natural and Organic
  • Each paper is Watermarked
  • Zero Ash

PRODUCT Description

Elements is one of the very well known brands in the smoking industry known for its quality and experience, As the name symbolises the primal 4 elements, made of earth, water, wind, and fire particles. Elements Connoisseur is everything you need to roll your own custom cigarette roll. Well, with a system of 2 in 1 you’ll have everything one requires. The pack has King Size Slim cigarette rolling papers and cigarette rolling tips which are kept together with a thread to make it easier to carry and go.


Leafs Per Pack: 32 Leaves with 32 tips for Pure Pleasure.

Made of Rice: Elements believes in eco-friendly products for a better smoking experience least like the brands that use nasty chemicals, chalk and ammonia, and shoe tissue render. All the smoking rolling papers by Elements are made of earth-friendly material like rice and sugar while giving it a white colour.

Made of Natural Products: Elements is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the products it produces. These Wide Cigarette Tips are made up of soft fibre paper, which is further pressed with a fourdrinier paper machine for smooth rolling.

Natural Sugar Gum: Elements have always used eco-friendly material to make their products. The gum used in these Elements rice cigarette rolling paper is made up of the natural sugar, which turns into caramel while burning.

Dimensions: 110mm - 45mm, King Size Slim with 55mm - 20mm, Tip. The majority of people in India generally don’t focus on the aspects of the joint paper and cigarette tip they are using. But one should know what they use and prefer as that makes their preferences very clear. People are even unaware of the fact that there are different sizes and Flavour Rolling Paper in the Market.

Watermarked: Elements smoking papers have a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper. These rolling papers have a crisscross imprint all over the paper prevent runs and allows for the smoothest and most even burn.

Perfect Fold Technique: Most of the rolling papers have been interleaved, where when you pull out one the other is ready to be pulled out while folding the sheet into half. Well, for a good roll, one had to re-fold the paper and then roll it for a smoke. To avoid this, Elements came up with a new technique where the interleaving of sheets was done in such a way that they folded at the PERFECT spot for rolling. This new way of interleaving sheets is known as Perfect Fold.

Zero Ash: Elements are known for zero ash residue, as you may know, they are made up of sugar and rice; thus, the only residue left behind is caramel created by the sugar while burning. They even have criss-cross imprint all over that prevents rush while burning.

Magnetic Cover: Elements has a magnetic closing booklet with magnets on both the inner side of the pack which helps in covering the booklet full of rolling papers. The booklet using magnet can be reused.