Cyclones Pre-Rolled Hemp Cone - Red Alert Flavour

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  • Pre-Rolled Wrap in each Pack
  • Red Flavour
  • Made out of Triple dip Flavour System
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Flavored Bamboo Tip
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Plastic Tube Pack

Product Description

Cyclone is a huge brand known for its premium variety of Blunt Cigar Wraps with a huge wide range of flavors available in the market. Cyclone has designed their Pre-Rolled Cigar wraps in such a way that they have a slower burning quality than any other wrap available in the market. These Pre-Rolled Flavored Blunt Cigar Wraps are the favorite of many who enjoy experimenting with their smoking. The smoking Cigar Blunt Wraps are made through the triple-dip system with cyclone bamboo tips that are dipped in flavor for 7 days to soak up the flavor to give your tastebuds a real treat. These pre-rolled cigar blunt wraps come in a plastic tube to store the flavor and rolled cigars.


Wraps per Pack: 2 Pre-Rolled Blunts of blissfulness 

Flavor: The Cyclone Red Pre-Rolled CIgar Blunt has a crazy mixture of different Red-colored fruits like strawberry, cherry, berry which will leave you stunned, as every person who smells it gets a different fruity essence. The flavor of the blunt will enhance your smoke by lighting up your taste buds.

Triple Dip Flavour System: There is a technique of making the smoking cigar wraps so juicy and tasty. These cigarette pre-rolled blunt wraps are processed with a triple-dip flavor system, in which the blunt wrap paper is dipped thrice in the flavor and soaked for a week to infuse it with a juicy taste for a smooth smoking experience. Meanwhile the bamboo tips used are also soaked in flavor for 7 days to give a real taste to your taste buds.

Made of Pure Hemp: Keeping things in mind, Cyclone produces its pre-rolled cigarette blunt wraps out of natural fibers that are environment-friendly. Each of the pre-rolled cigarette blunt cigar wraps is made up of Pure Hemp to give their customers a better smoking experience.

Flavored Bamboo Tips:  The tips used in these flavored pre-rolled cigarette blunts are made up of bamboo which are dipped in flavor for 7 days to sustain the flavor and give your taste buds a real treat.

Burns Slowly and Evenly: The pre-rolled cigar blunts have a quality of burning slow and even burning, as they’re thicker than Cigarette Rolling Papers and have a rough texture all over, which gives the smoker enough time to enjoy and finish the blunt.

Plastic Tube Pack: The Pre-Rolled Cyclone Red Cigar Blunts are packed in a plastic tube to maintain the freshness of the flavor while allowing you to use the plastic tube to store filled cigar blunts or pre-rolled cigarette joints.