Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cone - Cherry Flavour

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    • 1 Pre-Rolled Flavored Cone in each Pack
    • Cherry Flavour
    • Made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow
    • Burns Slowly and Evenly
    • Pre-Roached
    • Plastic Tube Pack
    • Wooden Poker
    • Tobacco-Free

  • Product Description

    Cyclone is a huge brand known for its premium variety of Blunt and Cones with a huge wide range of flavours available in the market. Cyclone has designed their Pre-Rolled Cone in such a way that they have a slower burning quality than any other cones available in the market. These Pre-Rolled Flavored Cones are the favourite of many who enjoy experimenting with their smoking. The smoking pre-rolled clear cone has a funky clear flavour that is stored in a plastic tube to keep the cone fresh and full of flavour.


    Cone per Pack: 1 Pre-Rolled Flavoured Cone

    Flavour: The Cyclone Red Pre-Rolled Clear Cigarette Cone has a crazy flavour of cherry that is sweet and will blow up your taste buds.

    Made of Asiatic Mallow: Keeping things in mind, Cyclone produces its pre-rolled cigarette cone out of natural Asiatic Mallow that is 100% cellulose and gum-free

    Burns Slowly and Evenly: The pre-rolled cone has a quality of burning slow and even burning, as they’re thicker than Cigarette Rolling Papers and have a clear texture all over, which gives the smoker enough time to enjoy.

    Plastic Tube Pack: The Pre-Rolled Cyclone Clear Cherry Cone is packed in a plastic tube to maintain the freshness of the flavour while allowing you to use the plastic tube to store filled pre-rolled cigarette joints.