Clipper Metallic Lighter with Box

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Thiese Metal lighter is the same size as a standard clipper lighter (Approx. 75mm tall). They are FULL metal lighter. These are NOT plastic lighters in metal sleeves. These are the real deal. They feature removable strike wheel to replace the flint as well as to use as a tobacco poker for hand-rolled cigarettes. There is also a flame adjust wheel on the bottom of the lighter so you can get the perfect flame every time. Set inside the flame adjust wheel is a space where you can refill the lighter with any type of butane that you choose. Although we recommend Clipper Brand butane. Also includes an embossed Gift/Storage tin Whether you smoke herbs or tobacco, it goes without saying that having a lighter is pretty important. It's your buddy, your partner, that little pocket pal that you take with you everywhere; which is why it's always heartbreaking when you have to retire your lighter. But thanks to the people at Clipper, you won't ever have to feel that heartbreak again.

It also comes with a metallic box and certificate of originality.