Actitube Filters (Charcoal), Box of 50

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These German babies are engineered for organic smoking perfection.


Actitube turns a smoker into a “smart smoker” as soon as it hits the lip. The activated charcoal in these filters  make each drag not a drag, but an experience you can’t forget. How’s that you ask? Well, for starters, the active carbon is of the highest quality; it’s consistently of plant origin.


Not only that, every Actitube filter is completely filled – making for an unbeatable filtration capacity. And the best part? Apart from keeping every hazardous substance at bay, it cools down the smoke leaving your gustatory cells (look it up) tingling with a refreshingly pleasant taste.


Your lung’s best friend, these little organic rockets come in a large (for them fatties) and small (for them slimmies) size. Not that it matters or anything!