8 Best Gift Combos to Give your Stoner Friend!

8 Best Gift Combos to Give your Stoner Friend!

We know exactly what your stoner friend, dad, girlfriend, or boyfriend wants, from massive Abstract Art Resin Ashtrays, DUAL CONTROL GLOW, RAW BACKFLIP WOODEN BAMBOO ROLLING TRAY.

Be it any day of the year, it's always the month of showers, flowers and grass for your stoner buddies. And there are other celebrations than 420 which call for weed themed gifts for the cannabis enthusiastic in your life. And if you find yourself scratching your head wondering what to give them for their birthday, anniversary, or for just for a special day look no more because Panda Rolling got you covered with the best stoner combos. Allow us to help you with best stoner gift ideas which you can shop from the comfort of your sweet couch. 

Below we've curated 8 stoner gift combos with a variety of flavoured smoking papers to weed accessories, be sure to find yourself with plenty of options to give your best bud, so go ahead and shop for that ideal stoner gift for him or her so that you can send a symbol of affection to the toker in your life. 

1. Resin Ashtrays - Perfect Gift

These Resin Ashtrays are drop dead gorgeous and make it an ideal gifting option for the blazer in your life. This ashtray is made out of Resin and handmade which adds just the right amount of authenticity and the best stoner gift for your best bud. Resin is a substitute of plastic so you do your bit for nature as these artistic ashtrays are eco friendly, unbreakable, non flammable and really trippy. Get your hands on these ashtrays and stand out among the crowd with the absolute best stoner gift. 

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resin ashtray artwork panda rolling

2. Glow in the Dark Unisex T-Shirts

Hear us out, these glow in the dark T-Shirts are mad and a real stunner, made with 100% cotton and sourced with love from goa, this unisex T-shirt will definitely make up for the ultimate gift for your stonner buddies. The T-shirt has psychedelic designs and changes colour when stepped in darkness and even trippier with UV light. What else could be a better stoner combo of an ultimate T-shirt, a mad party, and the best stoner gift to celebrate love, laugh and high! 

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split reality glow in the dark unisex t-shirts panda rolling

3. Clipper Designer Stone Lighter

'I have never lost my lighter' said no stoner ever and yes we know that feeling and what better gift than bringing that lost joy and gifting them with these gorgeous handmade ceramic artistic Clipper lighters. Fashionable, refillable and vintage best gift for your stoner friend. Make sure to turn heads with the clipper lights and keep it extra close, these lighters are so good they might go away in a blink of smoke! 

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clipper clay white stone lighter panda rolling

4. Purize Xtra Slim Rainbow Glass Jar - 100 Filters (5.9mm)

Oh what's a gift without the color of life and hence PURIZE SLIM GLASS JAR makes it the ideal candidate to make your stoner buddy high with happiness. These filters come with activated charcoal to filter out any harmful chemicals coming in between a dope smoke up sesh. Comes with a cool glass jar to keep your stash safe and air tight. It also absorbs the good stuff twice than an average roach, twice as a gift huh? Look no more as Panda Rolling presented you with the best stoner gift for him or for her so get ready to blaze in happy colours. 

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5. Moosmayr Psychedelic Blue Grinder - 50mm

Do you really like seeing your best bud or someone special crushing with hands or scissors? Save them the trouble and get them these made in Austria MOOSMAYR PSYCHEDELIC GRINDER, made with zinc metal it will crush the toughest of buds with ease, who knew rolling could be so much fun, not to say the trippy design make it the best stoner gift, add in some best flavoured papers from Panda Rolling and you got one of the best stoner gift combos that will make the special someone jump out of joy. 

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moosmayr green weed leaf grinder 50mm panda rolling

6. Raw Black King Size Slim Rolling Papers - Box of 50

Let the world know that when we smoke we smoke it right and nothing gets better than RAW's unbleached thinnest papers which will make your stoner buddy the happiest in the room. Made with plant fibres and natural gum it will give you the smoothest smoke ever and a box of 50 of the world's thinnest papers is only going to make the party more LIT

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raw black king size slim rolling papers panda rolling

7. Raw Backflip Wooden Bamboo Rolling Tray

Do you and your friends always look out for that paper sheet to crush your greens? Tired of how inconvenient and messy it always gets, well look nowhere because this RAW Backflip Bamboo Rolling Tray is the answer to the perfect stoner gift. Make with different compartments that can not just help you roll your doob better but can store all your smoking accessories including your grinder in one place. It also comes with magnets so forget about folding and storing your crushed herbs,with this magnetic tray you can store and carry your business anytime anywhere.

Rolling Trays are a must have for every cannabis connoisseur, check out our collection of rolling trays in various sizes - mini, small, and medium.

raw backflip wooden rolling tray

8. Elements Starter Box

This couldn't not be the holy grail for all the baby smokers out there. The Elements Starter Box is the one stop for all the rolling essentials in one place. This would probably be the best stoner gift combo that you can get your hands on. The starter box gives you two King Size Rolling Papers both with a booklet of 50 tips of Perforated Tips, Pre-rolled Tips, and Maestro Cone Tips for perfectly rolled cones for all those who are new to smoking or enjoy every bit of their smoke! 

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elements starter box panda rolling

Written by Ankita Chowdhury