7 Best Underrated Movie Recommendations for your Next Smoke Up Sesh!

7 Best Underrated Movie Recommendations for your Next Smoke Up Sesh!

If you've spent any amount of time smoking grass and watching movies, you already know the struggle of finding the perfect movie to get you higher, look no more Panda Rolling brings you 7 best underrated movie recommendations for your next smoke up sesh! 

1. Enter the Void

Directed by Gasper Noe who happens to be our personal favorite, the movie Enter the Void reveals death, right away, making viewers dive into it like a breath of fresh air in a world beyond the human minds. Based on the principle of the Tibetan book of the death, the film takes us on a journey of Oscar, a drug dealer in Japan. The movie is a science fiction, but it is not our average sci-fi, with aliens and spaceships. It is about what we are all obsessed with- suffering to live and refusing to die. Fellow stoners, grab your favorite weed accessories and get ready for a psychedelic trip and go about exploring life after death as this movie is your stop. Check out these reusable 420z Activated Carbon Filters by 420Z for a smoother smoking experience. 


2. Waking Life

Waking Life directed By Richard Linklater, is an extremely experimental film, and hard to categorize as a mainstream cinema. A quick look at Wikipedia defines it as an experimental philosophical animated adult docu-fiction and ironically it is pretty accurate. The movie has a lot of dialogues and complex abstract thoughts, and uses the technique of rotoscope. Linklater used various animators for every scene, resulting in a wide variety of visual styles, animation which is alive, with each episode having a new style. The entire movie is a dream, where the dreamer seems to let go and have no control, perfect tract for our high mind. So why wait and waste time, get your hands on the RAW RAWKET PRE-ROLLED CONES to amp up your movie night from Panda Rolling.


3. Fantastic Fungi

An incredible way of watching nature from the comfort of your couches, Fantastic Fungi prepares you for a journey our minds were not ready for. In a world where so many of us are struggling for connection and hope, this movie brings us together as a part of something ancient and huge thriving since billions of years yet existing right under our feet right now at this moment - Yes Its Mushrooms! And hey wait up we've got the perfect stoner essential accessory that compliments with the theme, Moosmayr Green Weed Leaf Grinder is perfect to go weed accessory to get more close to nature. Get them on Panda Rolling.


4. Donnie Darko

Honestly this movie in its true sense is a master piece, completed with stellar performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogan, Drew Barrymore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, the movie perfectly creates suspense and tension perfect for challenging our minds. The story line is the star of the show and it blows our mind every time we’ve watched it with new insights revealing its self with every watch. Donnie Darko is just another troubled teenager who escapes a bizarre accident, following to which starts having visions of a weirdly mysterious rabbit called Frank, telling him the world is about to end in 28 days! With a brilliant star cast euphoric music, this movie is unique and dives into time travel while keeping it interesting and scary. Let Panda Rolling help you dive into its Lit weed essential accessory range. Try Trip2 Transparent Rolling Papers, guaranteed to take you higher with every inhale. 


5. Midsommar

Directed by Ari Aster, who became very famous for the movie hereditary, comes his second horror feature, ‘Midsommar’, which is nothing short of breath taking. It all revolves around Florence Pugh’s Dani, a woman who is broken down to her very last piece as she is mourning for the loss of her entire family. Traumatized Dani seeks to fill the growing void and the sea of pain inside her by accompanying her distant boyfriend Christian to Sweden to attend the mid-summer festival, little does she know that what seems like an opportunity for recovery is only the dawn of something more sinister. The beauty of Midsommar is how Aster uses daylight and creates such a terrifying place, where most horror relies on what is unseen in the dark, this movie operates with bright lights and colors. The horror comes from witnessing visual imagery & frightening moments presented with vibrancy in the backdrop of nature- A perfect mix for your next dope movie night with friends. And what better way to enjoy this movie if not with some flavoured Hemp/Blunt Wraps from Juicy Jay only on Panda Rolling. These are the best stoner accessories that you need, grab them before they are out, Juicy Jay Hemp Blunt Wraps.


6. Green Room

Another movie coming from the A24 house is the most brutal and grim of any of the films on the list, Green Room brings the terror of real life white domination that befalls on a punk rock band. When Pats struggling bands accepts a gig in Oregon without knowing who it will be for, the band is trapped inside a green room with a group of modern Nazi waiting to kill them. With nowhere to go, they now have to fight and gamble to get out alive. If you are someone who wants to witness a gritty, realistic take that is hauntingly gruesome, this is the one. There is so much violence that the visuals become overwhelming and confound the eyes and the pain of every loss is soul crushing as it knocks reality right in the head of what is being faced. It is a masterpiece with even small victories found in the end leaves no happiness to be felt, what’s left to take back is a grim reflection of our world with human monsters living within it. To ease out a bit, Panda Rolling brings you a little happiness with the best weed essential accessory Juicy Jay Birthday Cake Flavoured Rolling Papers, yes you heard it right and trust us you gotta use it while watching this classic. 


7. John Dies at the End

Hold back and take a seat as this movie is going to take you on an acid trip without actually doing it. It is a wild and hilarious ride where two heroes take on the challenge of saving the earth. This thrilling roller coaster ride will leave you laughing till your stomach hurts, quite literally. The movie is a complete madness giving us the perfect dose of cheesy sci-fi, This one is one hell of a psychedelic comedy horror movie to watch when you’re high and nobody leaves this movie marathon without trying the Best Gift for a stoner. This is a  stoner essential because every paper booklet has a trippy design on the cover - these Outerbody Labs Artisanal Hemp Rolling Papers, they're so good that John would definitely die for it! Get them only on Panda Rolling.


Written by Ankita Chowdhury

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