Smoking Classic Cotton Filters Slim Long Size - 120 Tips

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  • 120 Tips in Each Pack
  • Made of Natural Products
  • Dimensions

Product Description

The SMOKING Brand is a new leading smoking accessory brand that has been part of the industry for decades. The brand believes in the development of cigarette smoking accessories by producing the best of the best quality products for its customers. Well, to roll a good cigarette, a tip is an essential part to not just give a proper shape to your roll but also provides a better gripping while keeping that ash and tobacco away from your mouth. With different types of tips in the market, SMOKING came up with a set of pre-rolled cotton tips that made the life of every smoker easier, as now one doesn't have to waste time on rolling a tip when they can easily use a pre-rolled tip to roll their smoke which is 22mm long for a better-filtered smoke as it gets more filtered through a long tip. These SMOKING Cotton Tips are for those who enjoy better gripping with enough space between their lips and roll.


Tips in Each Pack: Every pack has 120 tips for 120 ready to roll a smoke.

Made of Natural Products: SMOKING is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the products it produces. These SMOKING Cotton Joint Rolling Tips are crafted from classic cotton with a paper wrapped around the filter to give rigidity to roll with a proper grip.

Dimensions: Dimensions of your SMOKING Slim Long Cotton Filter Tip is 22mm and 6mm in diameter. Usually, people don't notice the size or dimension of cigarette filters tips and cigarette rolling paper, but it's essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice.