CBD Hemp Protein Powder

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Made from 100% raw hemp seeds, Cure by Design’s Hemp Protein Powder is the answer to your quest for a reliable source of protein. And the best part? It’s vegan!


Cure by Design’s brings to you the best source of protein. Sourced directly from icy Himalayan slopes, we give you the finest quality hemp products right from the hands of organic farmers in Uttrakhand. Cure by Design’s all natural protein powder will satisfy all your nutritional requirements. The mentions about the benefits of Hemp in India can be traced back to as far as 2000 BC, with the Vedas considering Hemp to be one of the five sacred plants. Hemp protein powder is the best vegan, protein powder that you can use in almost all of your recipes. Often dubbed as “superfood”, this 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free source of protein provides you with all the nutrients for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.