5 Reasons Why You Need Activated Charcoal Filters & Stop Using Traditional Roaches

5 Reasons Why You Need Activated Charcoal Filters & Stop Using Traditional Roaches

Gone are those days when roaches were made with Cigarette box cardboard, hard paper cover, Visiting Cards, or literally anything which is small hard, and rectangle, and if you find yourself still stuck with making roaches from your lying piece of paper, It is 2022, and the time has come to make the switch and celebrate the unsung heroes of your joints.

What Are Activated Carbon Filters?

Activated Carbon Filters are not new to the world and these filters are not only exclusive to the wide world of weed. They are available everywhere, used in Air purifiers, water purifiers to modern Vacuum cleaners, but what purpose do they serve?

Well, the reason is Carbon! Charcoal creates a whole lot of tiny pores when exposed to heat in a matter of seconds hence it gives the activated charcoal a vast surface area to trap molecules passing through in liquid or gaseous form. It can easily trap the excess amount of carcinogens and toxins that would otherwise get absorbed by your lungs.

Now that we know how these filters work, here are 5 reasons why you should use an activated charcoal filter for your next joint sesh..

1. Removes harmful carcinogens from smoke

We are all aware of the dangers of smoking, and activated charcoal filters are here for your rescue, they do the nasty job of capturing the harmful carcinogens produced when you blaze your joints or bowls and ensure you enjoy a clean and safer smoke throughout your session! 

Let us present you with one of the best charcoal filters - Actitube filters with Plant origin which uses the highest quality of carbon, guaranteed to turn you into not just a smoker but a ‘smart smoker’. Buy these filters with the goodness of this miracle active substance HERE. 

actitube pack of 50 Germany charcoal filters panda rolling

2. A great taste for the win

What if we tell you there is a way to make your smoke-up session even sweeter and taste better? Activated charcoal serves just the purpose. It helps in absorbing harmful tars, and chemicals and makes sure your joints are tastier resulting in a better aftertaste, so say goodbye to that nasty aftertaste of a dope smoke sesh and say hello to activated charcoal filters. And we have just the right product for all the mad smoke-up times, made with coconut charcoal and fitted with high-grade ceramic filters, SlimJim Carbon Filters are perfect to make the switch now, shop them here.

And if you’re wondering, if these filters are going to reduce your high, then no it won't. It's a simple myth that many people believe that using these filters will reduce the THC element of your smoke but that's a wrong conception and we are happy to clear that for y'all.

slimjim activated charcoal filters panda rolling

3. Cooler smoking experience

Discover one of the best and underrated uses of activated charcoal filters, it literally helps to cool down your smoke and results in a cool smoking experience with every drag. The tips of these filters are crafted with ceramic or metal which helps in cooling down so you enjoy your doobie to the very last puff without burning your eyes out! And if you find yourself confused, Panda Rolling has just the right one, with CTIP Activated Carbon Filters that come in a unique cone-shape which comes in handy to roll and made with metal thus absorbs all the harmful tar and substance at ease, the metal cools your smoke effectively, and as a bonus, the CTIPs are reusable up to 2-3 times which make it double the fun so try them out now.

Buy the CTIP Activated Charcoal Filters HERE.

ctip activated carbon filters Germany panda rolling


4. Better for your lungs 

We all know the struggle of trying to get the perfect roll, but ain't we all tired of re-doing otherwise a perfect joint only because of flimsy roaches? We feel ya and hence Activated Charcoal filters are going to be your best pal because they do what they say, they filter out the harmful tar, unlike cardboard roaches, as they don't filter but merely serve as a handle to your joints, and let's not get started with the task of rolling them as per the correct size for your joints. You have heard the call for the switch we suggest you make it now, with 420z Activated Carbon Filters, these made-in-Germany filters are reusable and come in different trippy patterns, Get them only on Panda Rolling and say goodbye to all the flimsy roaches, buy them here.

420z charcoal activated filters Germany panda rollingPC: @mrmrsgi

5. Reusable filters 

You can become the talk of the session by choosing healthy and safer alternatives available. It's 2022 and you deserve better, if you still find yourself using old cardboard roaches it's time to make the right choice, maybe try them once and we promise you will never feel the need to go back to cardboard roaches again, after all, it retains your high, absorbs harmful substances, keeps your lungs safe and makes sure you have a smooth smoking experience. Don’t stop yourself from the benefits of Activated Charcoal filters, once you have tried you will only come back for more.

Celebrate this new coming with Purize Rainbow Filters, it comes in a glass airtight jar which can be used to store your stash and filters out twice the amount of a regular roach. Grab them before they are gone only on Panda Rolling, here.

 purize activated charcoal filters rainbow diversity panda rolling


Activated charcoal filters will be a gamechanger for your next dope sesh and they are here to stay. It's time to make the right choice and level up your smoking experience, try them now, and trust us a lot can happen over not just coffee but smoking filters as well!